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Stop Comparing Your Racial Preference to Someone’s Sexual Orientation

If you are person who excludes Black women from your dating pool and you use the excuse that “you can’t help what you’re attracted to just like gay people can’t help being gay and straight people can’t help being straight,” then this post is directed at you. Please stop comparing someone’s sexual orientation to your superficial skin color preference. To my knowledge, people don’t come out of the womb with a gene that says “be attracted to every race, except Black women.” That just doesn’t happen. Race is not a valid biological concept. There are genetic differences between male and female, but there are no significant differences between races on a biological level…so any preference that a person has for a specific “race,” is socially constructed and influenced. It is NOT the same as person being Gay. Whether or not people are born gay is debatable, but being attracted to a certain gender is vastly different than being attracted to certain “races” or skin colors. We are in a culture that places Eurocentric beauty above every other type of beauty and the closer you are to the Eurocentric ideal, the more beautiful you are considered to be. From the day we are born, we are exposed to white beauty as an ideal from the Pantene commercials to the movies, to the billboards, to the everyday people we see lauded as beautiful on the street. Eurocentric beauty is TAUGHT to us on a conscious and subconscious level. In all likelihood, if you grew up in the West (or anywhere where western media predominates) then you are going to be influenced  by this beauty standard. So when you check off “white” “Asian” “Latina,” and every other race but Black and then claim that is just your preference…it’s your right to have your preference and that’s fine, but please don’t pretend that it just materialized out of nowhere. There are reasons that you prefer every other race, but Black. Let’s just be honest about it and call it what it is…You can keep dating or marrying whomever and having your preference, but don’t pretend like this is an innate preference, when it is not. You did not wake up one day and magically prefer every race, but Black women…like a magical preference.

Technical Note # 1: Changing the Site Layout

Hey everyone, I wanted to let you all know that I will be combing one of my other blogs with this blog and I will more than likely be changing the title and web address, which I will let you know of before I change it.

I have multiple blogs that I am managing and it is becoming too much, so I will combine them and incorporate them into this one.

The purpose of this site will remain the same. It will still serve as a place for Black women to report internet bashing and come for support, but I am changing the blog so that it’s more positive. It will not just be about bashing anymore, but about peace, resolution and how to deal with the bashing and negativity on a regular basis.



Thank you for your patience

5723Michael YouTube Videos: Bashing Black Women Is For Cowards

A poster brought to my attention that 5723Michael a YouTuber has several videos demeaning African-American women. I had never been aware of his videos and I don’t need to listen to all of them because it’s the same drivel and nonsense that cowardly men spew from behind a computer about Black women.

All I can say is, if you think that any one group is superior to another just based off of skin color, then you are a FOOL. If you have bad experiences with  a woman and then you blame that WHOLE group based off of one or a few experiences, YOU ARE A FOOL.

There are hundreds of millions of Black women on this earth, and we’re as diverse as anyone. Their experiences with Black women represent an insignificant portion of the overall Black female population, so any assumptions they make are stereotypes and are based off of improper extrapolation.

Many of these men who make bashing videos of Black women on YouTube are losers in real life or they’ve had bad experiences.

Perhaps, this is the case for 5723Michael…

I would advise Black women NOT to go to this channel, DON’T LOOK AT THE VIDEOS, DON’T LEAVE COMMENTS…just let them make fools out of themselves because other people (including other races of men) are beginning to see them for what they are, cowardly, insecure men who BULLY women of their own race. Not a good look for these “men,” at all.

All the negativity they put on Black women will ultimately backfire onto them and it is ONLY a matter of time.

So, please Black women, do not acknowledge these videos. I find that actually the best tactic to combat these videos is to ignore them, pretend they don’t exist and live your own life as well as can be.

The reason I haven’t made as many posts on here is because I’ve stopped watching these videos intentionally on YouTube and now I will really only post when I accidentally or unintentionally come across something and I need to get my feelings out in the air.

I know sometimes Black women need a place to vent and just release all of their emotions, so this is a place for that. However, I TRULY ADVISE Black women NOT to go looking for this stuff. When you encounter it, you can challenge it in a tactful way, but DON’T WASTE your positive attitude on some losers on the internet because that is what they are and everyone is beginning to wise up to.

Also Black women let “other men” (both black and non-black) challenge these men, don’t allow these “men,” who are bashing you to draw you into fights and get you so worked up that you’re cursing and becoming irate due to frustration.

It’s easy to get upset at this, anyone would, but the more you fight back, the more it adds fuel to the fire. You can certainly refute and challenge their stereotypes, but do it in a way that is not “fighting,” with them. State your opinion, gently disagree, and move on…don’t keep going back and forth with them  and don’t curse and get irate with them, this is what they want. If you want to let lose do so in a safe space, such as this.

A good example of a tactful rebuttal would be this video response by Blakebarbiedoll, a lot of Blakebarbiedolls videos (where she isn’t stereotyping Black men) are actually tactfully done. She states her opinion, defends herself, but she doesn’t curse or really get irate…and I do not even agree with ALL of her videos, but you can certainly respect that she isn’t disrespectful overtly to other people… or think of Uheardme1stime videos.

Blakebarbiedoll video:

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how many times you say something, if someone wants to believe stereotypes, then they will.

YouTube Channel of 5723 Michael:

Below is a video of a non-Black man criticizing the Black men who bash Black women:

So, thank you to the poster who brought this channel to my attention.

Am I Racist If I’m Not Attracted to Black Women?

Innate Lack of Attraction

Innate Lack of Physical Attraction

“So If I’m not physically attracted to Black women, that makes me a  racist?”

I have heard this question posed by white males, black males and many other races of men. I will not attempt to label any specific person as a racist or not simply based on their preference in women.

However, because this question is asked so often by men, I think it deserves a response.

The typical man who poses the aforementioned question on a forum or blog seems to believe that his preference in women is simply ingrained into his genetic code. Meaning, that society doesn’t regulate whom he should or should not be attracted to.

Any woman who attempts to  question his preference is said to be attempting to make his sexual taste politically correct. “You cannot regulate a person’s sexual taste in women,” the man will say.

I agree that everyone is entitled to their preference, for whatever reason, and believe it or not, rarely have I ever encountered a Black woman (offline) who vehemently castigates a man as being racist just for having their “preference.”

However, the real question is not whether or not having a preference for a particular race of women or excluding  a specific race of woman is racist, the question is WHY does an individual have a preference for one particular race of women and what leads a person to develop their preference in the first place?

First, I must begin by saying,there is no biological basis for race. Humans are genetically 99.9% percent similar to one another. Homo sapiens are the only species that doesn’t have subspecies. So, any man of any color or ethnicity can mate with a woman of any color or ethnicity and have viable offspring.

Therefore, there really is no biological basis of race. We can fulfill our sexual needs with any person of any ethnicity. Any physical preferences in people that we have are really cultural and social preferences because no matter what Satoshi Kanazawa or anyone else says, Black women (genetically and biologically) are just as womanly and just as capable of producing healthy, viable offspring as every other woman.

I believe that the racial preference that some men display for any given race of women has nothing to do with an innate biological attraction, but is a  socio-cultural attraction, which is learned. 

With that being said, men who have racial preferences in women, can seldom cite a valid reason why they rule out entire races of women, unless they resort to stereotypes. It is not uncommon to have a man check every race but Black on his dating preference list and if asked how it can be that Black women, in all their diversity, just don’t appeal, they will swear  that it’s just a preference and they are not racist.

It is difficult to call someone a racist without knowing them, but whether or not the man is a racist, one thing is for sure. He has a preference in women that is biased and his  preference is rooted in racial ideology.

J'Adore Endless Summer Photos

It is not realistic to think that a man just develops a preference for everyone woman, except Black out of thin air. There are specific reasons why we have the preferences that we have.

Hard-wired not to prefer

Hard-wired not to prefer

Beauty preferences are largely socialized. When you grow up in a culture that portrays one type of beauty as the norm from the time that you are a child and that form of beauty is reinforced  through magazines, television shows, music and culture, you begin to prefer that which you were taught to prefer. It is funny that when someone questions someone’s exclusion of a specific race, one of the first things these men will say is, “you cannot regulate someone’s physical preference or sexual taste in women,” yet that is exactly how they developed their preference in the first place.


Many of these men are oblivious to the fact that their society, their family and their form of media have all contributed to their racial-beauty preference in women by telling them what is considered an ideal form of beauty.

If you point this out to the man, usually he will respond by making the argument that it is just a  superficial, physical preference, just like some men prefer big boobs or blondes.

It’s tempting to try and equate characteristics such as being blonde or busty to being Black because they both SEEM like they should be superficial physical traits, but,  as history has shown us,  being seen as Black warrants treatment that is far less superficial than the treatment that some women may receive for being brunette or small breasted.


Black is not as simple as blonde vs. brunette because the term Black in itself isn’t just about physical appearance. Not only is Black too broad of a term to encompass the diverse range of physical appearances within the so-called Black race, but Blackness itself has relegated those who are considered Black to a position of institutional discrimination within society that is not comparable to the position that Brunette or small busted women have been placed in.

Women with small breasts or brunette hair were not made to be the slaves of big breasted women or blondes just because they did not meet society’s beauty standards. Small breasted and brunette women were not made to sit at the back of the bus for  not having big breasts or for not being blonde.

Thus, Black is not a superficial physical trait that can be used to justify an ABB (anything but Black) beauty preference.

So, back to racial-beauty preference being taught. Most men do not realize that they have had their racial-beauty preference in women taught to them.

We live in a racist society and when it comes to Beauty, Black beauty has been strategically placed at the bottom rung and it has nothing to do with Black women’s actual physical beauty because physical beauty is found in all races.

I, personally, have always been able to look at any ethnicity on the planet and see beautiful people. I see beautiful Asian, Black, American Indian, Aboriginal, White and every other race people. There is not a single ethnic group where all I see are ugly people. Perhaps that is why, on a personal level, it is so strange to me that some men would rule out entire races as being unattractive when they’re all so diverse anyway.

I know that I cannot be the only one who sees beautiful people in every race, sure I may have a preference, but I will never call that preference innate nor will I deny that culture and society has influenced my preference.

It’s also worth noting that my preference is not an exclusionary preference, meaning I will not NOT date someone just because they’re not my usual preference.

I have always thought that all things being equal, people would go for mates who were the most healthy, had the most symmetrical faces and were the most fertile, skin color and other superficial characteristics would be  irrelevant and I think most people (in their gut) feel this way and maybe even people who claim to have an exclusionary racial-beauty preference realize this and that is why they pose the question in the first place. Perhaps, deep inside, in their instincts, they know that something is…”off,” about the idea that one race should be sexually preferable to another when there is no such thing as race to begin with.

So, back to the original question, “does not being physically attracted to Black women make you racist?”

I cannot answer that question. All I can say is it is your right to have your preference, but just know that your racial-beauty preference is learned and that is something to take into consideration.

My last thought is this. If society, culture and history truly had no influence on our perception of racial beauty, then Black women would not be portrayed as being the bottom rung and the bottom of the list again and again.

This idea of the magical preference where every other woman on the planet except Black women is acceptable would not exist because there is no biological distinction between Black women and other women and men and women’s preferences would be more balanced. There would not exist this idea that one skin color  or race is automatically more beautiful,feminine and sexier than another.

I can see beauty in all races and I know I’m not alone when I can say that there are, without a doubt, beautiful, feminine and sexy Black women.


Mr. Roosh: If Black Women Weren’t Fat & Nasty Black Men Wouldn’t Date White Women…

I came across an interesting article yesterday. It’s by a man who calls himself “Roosh.” He rants about everything that is wrong with American women and he seems to have a special disdain for African-American women.

Roosh writes,

On white nationalism sites there is growing anger at black men who date white women. In the past year it has even spilled over into the comment sections of non-racist blogs. It appears that some white men don’t like the idea that they have to compete with men who, on average, take more naturally to game principles than they do.Their rage is growing in lockstep with a diminishing pool of attractive and slim white women.

I think their anger is misplaced. They shouldn’t get mad at black men—they should get mad at black women. The average black woman is America is not like this…

Roosh then goes on to post a picture of Rihanna and states that “the average black woman does not look like this,” he posts a picture of Monique and states that she looks more like Monique. It’s interesting to note that not only is his opinion misogynistic, but it’s racist. I guess since Mr. Roosh has interacted with every single Black American woman and knows exactly how every Black American woman behaves…he’s qualified to make stereotypical assumptions about Black women’s weight and attitude. In case you didn’t get it, I’m being sarcastic.

Roosh writes,

While black men have a preference for girls with a big booty and thick thighs, they don’t have a preference for land whales. As fat as white girls are getting, they are still not as fat as black women, meaning that you’ll have more black men crossing over. This has less to do with racial preference than beauty preference, and I’m not even considering the aggressive and entitled attitude that many black women have.

If white nationalists were serious about black men not dating whites, they would start a nutritional non-profit aimed at the urban cores of the country to help black women lose weight. Once black men find their women to be more attractive, they will be less inclined to date outside their race. I guarantee you that if most black girls looked like Rihanna, white women would suddenly wonder where all the brothers went. Even I would switch to dating black women if that was the case.

The reality is, if this article is any indication, Mr. Roosh is a misogynist and a bigot. He harps about Black women’s “attitude,” but his article is ripe with nasty, bitter, stereotypical assumptions. He has an ENTIRE blog dedicated to what’s wrong with American women…If that’s not an example of a bitter, nasty attitude, I don’t know what is.

He rants about how Black women are so fat that Black men don’t want them [us] anymore, when in reality most Americans are obese, that INCLUDES (and especially) white men. Additionally, most Black men who do marry, marry Black women.  So, I’m not sure what the point of his article is other than to make himself look ridiculous.

If Black women choose to lose weight, I advise that they do it because it will benefit them, not to snag some man of any race…and definitely not because Mr. Roosh thinks that he’s an authority on Black women and writes a blog posts about it.

Finally, if Mr. Roosh thinks that foreign women are different or better than American women that’s his own foolishness. People are individuals and you can find obese women with attitudes anywhere… If he goes out with the expectations that he has, ultimately he is going to end up attracting exactly what he detests. Ultimately, you get what you put out…If he prefers white, foreign women then that’s his preference, but there’s no need to demean white American women and Black American women.

But, we’re not the only ones who see something terribly wrong with Mr. Roosh, his blog was featured on the Southern Poverty Law website as a misogynistic website:

If only they could add the men like srgtwilliepete and the black women bashers from YouTube onto the Southern Poverty Law website.

click to read full article

Petition to End HATE SPEECH Against Black Women in Tommy Sotomayor Videos

This is a petition started by a woman who calls herself “Maya Lee.” It is a petition to stop the hate speech against Black women in YouTuber Tommy Sotomayor’s videos. We all have free speech ,but when you’re using your so-called free speech to incite hate and violent acts that violate the civil rights of another group of people then it becomes hate speech.

Maya Lee writes:

This is important, because these types of comments and opinions are NOT FACTS! They only bring my culture down and these things will cause people to have a low or negative opinion about blacks in general. It condones violence and hatred towards black women. He verbally abuses black women on and off the air. His show has been blocked before and he should be banned. We are all equal, no matter what. If your not a part of the solution, then you are a part of the problem.

If you agree that hate speech is not the same as free speech and should not be tolerated, check out the petition below and sign.


By the way other races are starting to notice the demeaning of Black women on YouTube, whether that is a good or bad thing is debatable: Forum: Doesn’t Allow Pictures of HOT Black Women? Forum Doesn’t Like Black Women?

I have a friend who is a body builder and I am trying to get fit, so I was browsing the internet and came across this bodybuilding and fitness website. I looked around and then lo and behold I came across a topic in the General Discussion category entitled “African Girls.” The thread was started in July 2012, so it was a recent thread.  When I went into the topic, it was nothing surprising. A bunch of ignorant, so-called men discussing the supposed ugliness of Black African women. Someone had posted a picture of an Afro-Asian(?) woman and people proceeded to comment on how her beauty came from her “Asian features,” one commenter even wrote that “she must be mixed, she’s too feminine looking to be Black.” Another commenter stated that looking at Black woman was on the level of looking at a man.

You know all the typical, anti-black women stuff that is reguritated again and again on forums and in life. So, I was prepared this time. I decided that I would post pictures of beautiful African/Black women in the thread. But, first I had to respond to other body building topics. So I went to several threads that interested me and left VALID, insightful and truthful comments about my interest in fitness. I left comments about wanting to lose fat, I asked a question about training for a marathon and I did this all in the appropriate sections and threads.

Finally, I went back to the African Girls thread and posted some pictures of beautiful African and Black women.

I posted pictures such as these:

I posted the pictures because I wanted to challenge the ignorance of the so-called men on the forum. When I had originally read the forum there was a picture of a mixed Afro-Asian woman and the subsequent comments were the traditional anti-black woman rhetoric that we are all familiar with.  So I posted pictures of beautiful, dark-skinned African women to challenge their ignorance. When I started posting more pictures of beautiful Black/African women, I noticed a bit of a change in some of the male posters. One of the posters wrote that “I don’t like Black girls, but I’d smash.” You know the typical, back-handed compliment, pretty for a black girl vituperation that we’re all familiar with. We all know that people can’t just tell us we’re beautiful, they have to insult us too. But, loosely translated, he was attracted to the Black-Black women who I posted on the forum.

Another brilliant commenter had the audacity to state that the women were only attractive because they were probably mixed…somewhere down the line.  At this point, I decided to school this brilliant commenter on the history miscegenation as it pertains to African women. I told him that if these women were “mixed down the line,” you realize that most of that came from European & Arab men sleeping with Black African women. This is where the creoles, the coloreds and many of the Brazilians come from. The mixing between African women & European/Arab men and in Brazil between African women, European men and Amerindian women as well. So, pretty much, if they are mixed “down the line,” it is because WHITE MEN( just like him) SLEPT WITH Black, dark-skinned African women, that he says are so ugly, and reproduced. Often, this forced union was against the will of the African woman.

Another poster responded that “real African women,” the ones who weren’t wearing weaves etc…were ugly. So, I posted a picture of a beautiful, NATURAL, traditional, Black Himba Woman. The people of the Himba are one of the many traditional  ethnic groups in Southwestern Africa.

I proceeded to post this picture:

I commented that I certainly didn’t think she was ugly, I actually considered her to be beautiful, especially since she wasn’t wearing any make up nor had she been altered, to my knowledge,  in any way. You don’t get much more    “traditional African,” than this picture with her beautiful, red-ochre dyed braids and jewelry. I told him these were the pictures that “national geographic,” doesn’t show you.  So, I pointed out that he was ignorant to make that remark by posting this picture.

So, after I discussed that, I started getting a bit more positive feedback from the male posters about the pictures and I noticed a change in their attitude mainly because I felt, that i had challenged their ignorance… just a little bit.

For some reason, they assumed I was guy by the way. I hadn’t alluded to the fact that I was female, let alone a Black woman. I wanted people to look at my posts from an unbiased perception and I know I wouldn’t get that consideration if they knew that I was, in fact, a Black woman.  It took me about three hours in total to post my  pictures that I had because you know they can’t show us positively in the media or anywhere, so I had to dig through my files to get some pictures of Black women to post.

Things were looking up and people’s eyes were being opened and their minds were being challenged. Not to mention, it was a hot thread topic on the forum that night, so lots of people were seeing my pictures and reading my posts.

Then, for whatever reason, one man decided to post a picture of his penis and it all went down hill from there…

Next thing I know the adminstrator/moderator REMOVED, not the penis picture, but THE WHOLE THREAD!!! Any other time, the moderator would simply remove the innapropriate picture, but for some reason they removed the thread and blocked ME “for spamming.”  HUH?..

Mind you, I had not been spamming, all the comments that I made were RELEVANT to the thread, appropriate and each comment was UNIQUE. I didn’t spam anything that includes on the body building/fitness threads that I commented on. It wasn’t until I started posting beautiful pictures of Black women that I was “spamming.”

So basically I get banned for responding to a thread about African women that I didn’t even start??? It was fine in the thread when they were posting mixed- Black/Asian women and talking about how ugly we were, that was cool, but as soon as I start posting pictures of beautiful, dark-skinned, Black African women…OH HELL TO THE NO!!!

We can’t have that. We can’t have pictures of beautiful Black women who are ACTUALLY BLACK. We can’t have young men’s mind’s being challenged and DE-programmed to view Black women as desirable, beautiful and attractive instead of ugly and lowly…no we can’t have that.

To add insult to injury, there were various other threads on that forum dedicated to “hot women,” (read: white) and all those women were bikini-clad, scantily dressed blondes and those threads stayed up. The pictures that I posted were no more or less scandalous than those so why would that thread get to stay up, but the one postive one about African women gets taken down?

You can click the link to the thread for yourself, you won’t find it:

NOW, look at THIS THREAD entitled hot women, fast cars with nothing but blonde, white women scantily dressed, you’ll notice it’s still up.

So, it’s okay for men to look at pictures of attractive, dude super-hot, blonde women, but Black women is a NO NO! Because, we all know that we can’t have men seeing Black women as equally attractive and worthy as white women! GOD FORBID people start to view us as equal to other women!!! God forbid people feel insecure at pictures of beautiful Black women on a forum…just like on the post…we can’t have it UH UH!!!

No, it’s only okay to post lies and bad pictures of Black women because that’s just how people do us.

When I started posting on that forum, I had the intention of posting topics about fitness, including one about beginner fitness training and joining some threads in the female section after I had finished posting in the African women thread. I was planning on ordering some supplements, but I won’t be doing that anymore! seems like the best bet for me. I would encourage other Black women NOT TO SUPPORT FORUM OR ANY FORUM THAT DISRESPECTS US AND DISPLAYS blatant prejudice to us!!!

So I felt that I need to put this on blast because the discrimination and attacks against Black women are OVER THE TOP and OUT OF CONTROL!!

Thank God for forums like!!

This Is Getting So Tired Now…

I don’t know how many times I have to come across a forum where Black women and our alleged “ugliness,” is the topic of discussion…why do people spend so much time talking about us if we’re so ugly and undesirable?

I swear ya’ll I don’t go looking for this stuff…but here we go again:

In this version of anti-black woman foolishness, we have the traditional attacks on black womanhood.

– 1. black women ugly

– 2. no one, especially non-black men, wants black women

– 3. black women have short, nappy, bad hair

– 4. only mixed black women like beyonce, zoe saladana are beautiful

– 5. black women are fatter than other groups of people

– 6. black men are the ONLY men black women can get (as if there’s something wrong with black men?)

Here is my brief response:

-1. Black women are not ugly. Stop quoting Satoshi Kanazawa and his warped logic. The man is the last person who needs to be calling ANYONE ugly.

-2.  People forget that white men make up the largest percentage of interracial daters. Meaning of all the interracial marriages in the US, MOST are between white men/non-white women. Asian women/ white men are the most common interracial and Black women/white men are the FASTEST growing interracial pairing in the United States. If we look at history it has ALWAYS been white men who have pursued, harassed and molested Black women, not the other way around. In fact Black women had to have our own widespread movement to get AWAY from white men.  Just remember this white men have always dated, mated, married outside their race, even before Black men…if they’re supposed to be so superior…why were the main ones who perpetuated  the race mixing white men? It got  to the point that most Black Americans are mixed  with European and we have entire ethnicities who were born of European men/African women (Latin America, Brazil, Creoles…) White men are and have always been the biggest hypocrites when it comes to interracial dating.

-3. Black women have beautiful, “nappy” hair actually. I will say this that the reason some Black women have so many hair issues and struggle with breakage, short hair has nothing to do with our hair texture itself, but rather the lack of proper hair care. Let’s be very clear, if more Black women embraced their natural texture and were taught to care for it, we’d find that our hair actually grows thick and long. When you take a healthy, kinky african hair and stretch it out it goes down you back. I wear an afro when I blow my hair out, it’s thick and down my back. I learned to care properly for my texture and once more Black women learn to embrace our natural texture, we’ll understand that our hair is actually extremely versatile and beautiful, if you want your hair to grow, natural is the best way. Trust me, non-black women and their hair…it’s fine for them… but our hair is UNIQUE we can do everything and anything with our hair, including straighting it to have the long, straight look if you so desire, we can also keep it in an afro, braid it and do anything with it. It’s easy to get straight hair, easy to replicate that look, all you have to do is run a flat iron through our hair…but other races will NEVER be able to replicate our hair texture, whereas we can do anything with our hair. As Kola Boof says “our hair is the PROOF, that we are children of the first Garden in Ethiopia…those children who REMAINED in the image of God.” Our hair is the proof!

– Also check out mwedzi on youtube, she is a natural Black women with natural, african- 4b hair and her hair is gorgeous and when straightened it is VERY LONG and goes down her back. Also check out Cathy Howse, a Black woman with long hair who gives hair care tips. DO NOT EVER BELIEVE THE HYPE THAT OUR HAIR IS INFERIOR, Black women have been bamboozled into believing that and it’s a lie.

-4. Beyonce isn’t biracial, but Black nor is Zoe Saldana  nor is Rihanna Biracial. Beyonce is light-skinned because of her creole heritage, which can be traced back to Frenchmen sleeping with Black/mulatto  creole women in her family.

You know when I say sleeping with, I don’t mean sharing a bed like two siblings… I mean f-cking, screwing, penetrating, hot and sweating, pumping, stroking, thrusting, penis into the vagina, doing the deed, hitting it, getting your freak on, cumming and ejaculating, fluid exchange, white man sperm inside the Black woman’s body …you know f-cking in case anyone doesn’t understand what that means. I know it’s hard for some white men to imagine that a white man would not only f-ck a Black woman, but impregnate her, so I felt I had to graphically describe that so we’re on the same page. That’s what your forefathers did again and again and again, let’s be clear on that. What I’m getting at is many of the light-skinned women that people prop up are light skinned because of white men getting it on with dark skinned black women OFTEN AGAINST the Black woman’s will…so cut this nonsense about Black women running after white men when historically it’s ALWAYS been the opposite…keep that in mind. But, for the record there have always been beautiful dark-skinned Black- Black women. Kenya Moore, Alexandra Burke, Agbani Darego, Bria Myles, Damaris Lewis,Oluchi Onweagba and many more. The reason the media doesn’t uplift their beauty is because the media is racist and some other racist women tend to get very insecure around attractive, dark-skinned Black women. By ignoring dark-skinned Black women, they are protecting the fragile egos of these men/women.

-6. Stop using the BMI to measure obesity in Black women. The BMI isn’t accurate. It would be better to measure your adiposity around waist circumference because the BMI doesn’t take muscle mass into account. Black women can have thicker thighs and buttocks, and still have a smaller waist than a smaller or same weight woman. Finally if you look at obesity rates internationally you’ll note that the countries with the highest obesity rates ARE ALL western nations. NO COUNTRY IN AFRICA has a problem with obesity, so overall white/non-black women outrank Black women when it comes to obesity. Do some AMERICAN Black women have problems with obesity…yuh…but that is largely  due to American culture and socio-economic, racial differences that impact Black women more than any other group. Remember, we’re the least privileged group and we get the worst when it comes to health care. But do I think it’s 78% of Black women obese…? HELL NO

– 7. What makes you think that you (as a non-black man) are so superior that Black women would automatically want you over a Black man? Last I checked, all human beings were equal…so why would an arrogant person like you assume that Black women were just aching to be with you JUST BECAUSE you’re not Black?

Well, that’s my take on things, I really am getting tired of coming across the same broken record comments about Black women like it’s getting old seriously .